Performance Edge Psychology is a psychology clinic in North Balwyn, Melbourne offering individual face to face and online consultations for individuals who would like assistance with managing mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, addressing stress and moving from functioning to flourishing in life. Our psychologists are all also trained in working with performance related issues such as athletes and people in business.

Performance Edge Psychology works with people presenting with a broad range of issues.  We love working with all athletes from local/club level to Olympic/international athletes who would like to learn how to improve their mindset and manage under pressure.  We are also passionate about working with individuals in business and high performance roles who are dealing with pressure. Furthermore many of our clients come to seek assistance for mental health issues including stress, anxiety, depression and trauma.

Our approach to working with people, regardless of why they have sought help, it that of compassion, understanding and being fully present. Although the experience and therapeutic orientation of a psychologist is important, we believe that ultimately it is the connection and relationship between therapist and the client that can make the biggest difference. We strive to nurture that relationship in helping people overcome difficulties and making changes in their lives.

At Performance Edge Psychology, our psychologists enjoy delivering high quality, evidence based programs and workshops to athletes, sporting organisations and corporate trainings on high performance, mental health and wellbeing. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and skills in group setting.

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Our Team

Caroline Anderson – Director and Psychologist

Caroline is the Director of the clinic and is a registered Melbourne based psychologist with over 15 years experience who has worked in a variety of contexts in both clinical and performance psychology. As a former Olympian she has unique insight into elite performance which she combines with her psychological understanding and professional experience in her private practice and other consulting roles.

Caroline is a Senior Consultant to the Australian Institute of Sport Games Ready Program, developing content, frameworks and delivering programs to Australian athletes on mental performance to help them perform at their best at Olympic Games, Para-Olympics and Commonwealth Games, in conjunction with the Australian Defence Forces.  She has been the Performance Psychologist at the Victorian Institute of Sport for over 5 years working with the Diving Program as well as individual scholarship holders. Furthermore, Caroline is one of the selected psychologist across Australia for The Australian Institute of Sport Mental Health Referrals Network, providing individual care to Australia’s elite athletes. Caroline also is a Consulting Psychologist for Cricket Australia and the AFL Players Association.

Caroline has worked at a leading hospital in Mental Health for 10 years, working with children, adolescents, and adults presenting with a wide range of complex difficulties. Prior to that she worked in the UK specialising in early intervention in mental health.

Caroline’s enthusiasm for educating and inspiring people has always been present in her career as an athlete and psychologist. She is committed to providing engaging, evidence based and thought provoking training, organisational and professional development, workshops and motivational speaking.  Caroline is passionate about mindfulness and acceptance techniques and is committed to supporting people to learn the skills and benefits which can be life changing. Caroline is committed to engage with people by emphasizing the connection, relationship and authenticity between herself and her clients/audience.

Caroline’s specific areas of interest in therapy includes high performance/elite mindsets, the assessment and treatment of depression and anxiety in both young people and adults. She also works with relationship issues, sleep difficulties, anger management, self esteem, behavioural problems, parent work, self harm and complex mental health issues including low prevalence mental health disorder and personality disorders. Along side her clinical work, Caroline has an interest in working individually with athletes, business people and students wishing to improve their performance in high pressure settings. Caroline offers supervision to performance psychologists.

Mark Spargo – Performance Psychologist

Mark is a registered psychologist, based in Melbourne, with an extensive history of working in both the sporting and corporate worlds at the highest level. His qualifications include a Masters Degree (Sport Psychology). His approach is to develop a close, empathic and collaborative relationship with the person and to guide them in gaining a better understanding of themselves and how they can live a more meaningful and purposeful life. He seeks to do this in a positive, supportive and at times fun and playful manner.

Regardless of the environment, Mark’s key priority is always the mental and physical health of the person and where necessary he is able to assist in dealing with such mental health issues as stress, anxiety and depression. He uses well researched and evidence-based therapeutic approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), along with Mindfulness and Meditation techniques to ensure the best possible outcome.

Mark has over 15 years experience working in elite sport and has held Sport Psychologist positions at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), the Western Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS) and the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS). In these roles he has been in the fortunate position of being able to provide support to many of Australia’s best athletes and coaches while also attending major sporting events such as the Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games and World Championships. Although Mark continues to work in sport at the highest level he is equally passionate about assisting athletes of all ages and abilities to achieve their sporting goals. As a social athlete himself (jogging and surfing) he can relate to the joy that comes with just being in the moment and producing a performance that provides a high level of self-satisfaction.

Laura Cosgrove – Performance Psychology (on maternity leave)

Laura Crop

Laura is a Melbourne-based psychologist with over ten years’ experience within elite sport. When she was younger, Laura competed at a high level in springboard diving and touch football, and this has driven her passion in helping others break down barriers to their performance. Laura strongly believes in building genuine relationships with clients and using a holistic ‘person-first’ approach when considering and discussing performance. In addition, her Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness-based approach, in combination with practical strategies developed over the years, assists in addressing concerns and building relevant skills and strategies – whatever your performance domain may be.

In addition to individual athletes and team-based sports, Laura worked for the English Institute of Sport for over six years, with positions at both British Diving and British Cycling. Currently, she works for the Victorian Institute of Sport as the Performance Psychologist for Athletics Victoria. In her experience, Laura has helped to prepare and support athletes, coaches, and staff, to optimise their performance in training and events ranging from domestic competition to the Olympics.

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