Tailored peak performance training in Melbourne

Caroline Anderson is the founder of Performance Edge Psychology. She herself is a psychologist – and she leads a small team of specialists who bring their own additional expertise to the corporate training team.

Caroline and her team, delivers workshops/skill building seminars to athletes, coaches and businesses. Caroline teaches mindfulness techniques to increase resilience under pressure and help individuals and teams perform more consistently.  Her sessions look at the high pressure and high performing environments and the role mindfulness plays.

Creating a spaceperformance edge psychology melbourne for mindful reflection in organisations fosters the skills that are considered highly critical in the business world in order to be successful. Top companies around the world are implementing mindfulness to address employee attention, reduce workplace turnover/burnout and increase productivity.

She assists athletes, coaches and professionals to understand emotions, how emotions and thoughts affect behaviours and teaches skills around acceptance, mindful mindsets and defusion. She also explores value driven action rather than simple goal setting in the sporting and corporate environments and looks at team culture, gratitude and self care.  By increasing understanding about the brain and learning how mindfulness helps break behaviour patterns, we can change the way we relate to emotions, reduce stress, and improve performance.

Topics Covered

  • Emotional Intelligence and Understanding Emotions
  • Concepts of Wellbeing and Performance
  • Mental Health Training
  • Acceptance Training
  • Task Focus and Mindfulness for Productivity Improvement
  • Defusion Skills
  • Values/Goals Clarity
  • Team Culture
  • Gratitude/Self Care and Compassion
  • Compassionate Communication
  • Experiential Avoidance

Mindfulness Seminars

When delivering training on Mindfulness, the topics covered and the duration can be tailored to the needs of the client – but can include themes such as

  • The fundamentals of mindfulness and meditation
  • Understanding the stress cycle – Fight or Flight
  • The mind-body connection – stress response compared to the relaxation response
  • The latest brain-science research
  • How mindfulness can improve workplace, academic and sporting performance
  • Practice in many forms of mindfulness such as grounding, managing emotions, acceptance, awareness, automatic self talk, meditation, breathing and visualization
  • Support to help people find a mindfulness style that works for them
  • Guided experiential practice of mindfulness techniques in the session

Performance Edge recently delivered training at Price Waterhouse Cooper, Gilbert + Tobin and Nicholes Family Lawyers.