Tailored peak performance training in Melbourne

Caroline and her team deliver workshops/skill building presentations to businesses across Australia. Caroline teaches scientifically backed techniques to increase resilience under pressure and help individuals and teams perform more consistently. Sessions look at the high pressure and high performing environments to equip leaders and employees with essential mindset skills that foster well-being, resilience, adaptability and performance and reduce stress and burn out. Our workshops are highly practical, grounded in scientific evidence base, and facilitated by qualified and experienced psychologists. You can choose to book online or in-person workshops.Caroline profile pic new

Topics Covered

  • Emotional Intelligence and Understanding Emotions
  • Concepts of Wellbeing and Performance
  • Mental Health Training
  • Acceptance Training
  • Focus for Productivity Improvement
  • Managing Burn Out
  • Growth Mindset
  • Values/Goals Clarity
  • Team Culture
  • Gratitude/Self Care and Compassion

Caroline is a confident and engaging presenter and delivers seminars and workshops for corporate, school and sport organisations.  She provides a unique personal and professional insight into the science of wellbeing and performance, covering topics including mindfulness,  resilience,  mental health, peak performance, wellbeing, and emotional intelligence.

Presentation Testimonials:

“Caroline presented in the Melbourne and Sydney office on wellbeing and performance and the feedback we received was consistently excellent. Our people believed that Caroline “knew her stuff” and that the sessions were relevant and engaging. Caroline had taken considerable time to contextualise the materials and have activities that were fun and relatable. She was also able to provide our people with practical tips and tricks that they could apply post the sessions.” Anu Briggs (Head of Learning and Development – Gilbert + Tobin Law)

“Caroline is a great presenter.”
“Very engaging and enlightening webinar”
“Caroline really knows and understands this topic. She presents the concepts in a way that is easy to understand.”
“Very interesting! Caroline was very well spoken and easy to listen to. Some great advice, thank you!”

“Helpful and practical insights presented logically and not too dense. Appreciated the insights”

– Participants from Health @ Work