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Our Consulting Services & Peak Performance Training Programs are all designed to guide and support you in bringing out the best from within yourself. An integral element of achieving your full potential is being capable of harnessing the power of your mind and thereby develop the mental toughness you need for sustained success.

We specialised in developing resilience and wellbeing, building confidence, managing pressure, mental health, workplace and sporting performance, emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

Achieving Peak Performance:

Our programs assists with ways to reduce stress and worry, manage thoughts and feeling effectively, and improve wellbeing and performance. These techniques can lead to increased wellbeing and resilience, build a sense of gratitude in life, help learn to be in the moment and increase focus and fulfilment.  We only deliver content using research from the world’s leading scientists, researchers and psychologists.  Whether it’s in the world of business or the world of sport, our expertise is in helping you take that next step in your performance development.

Our services are suitable for…

  • A professional athlete or sporting organisation wanting to benefit from the latest advancements in sports psychology
  • A manager or a business owner wanting to empower their team with some of the latest evidence-based peak performance technology
  • An aspiring leader wanting to gain a greater sense of self-confidence and develop the positive mind-set needed for career progression as well as personal well-being
  • A school wanting to support their VCE students with  training in how to focus their attention and cope positively with the pressure of exams

About Performance Edge Psychology:

Founded by Caroline Anderson in 2016, Performance Edge Psychology brings together the elements of elite performance and cutting edge scientific research.  Caroline is probably one of Australia’s only Olympians and Psychologists.  She is a confident and engaging presenter and delivers seminars and workshops for corporate, school and sport organisations.  She provides a unique personal and professional insight into the science of wellbeing and performance, covering topics including mindfulness,  resilience,  mental health, peak performance, wellbeing, and emotional intelligence.

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Our 5 Practical and Easy Steps to Improving Wellbeing and Performance

  1. Connection between Wellbeing and Performance
    • Definition of wellbeing and its formula
    • How it impacts on performance
    • Happiness Myths
  2. Neuroscience for Dummies
    • Beginners guide to understanding the brain and neuoplasticity
    • Our Flight or Flight Response
    • Evolution of Negativity Bias
  3. Mastering Mindfulness
    • Learn easy and practical applications for everyday use
    • Develop a deeper understanding of being present and acceptance
    • Understand how being more mindful can impact our brain
  4. Thinking about Thinking
    • Understanding “Meta Cognition”
    • Learn the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviours and our core belief systems
    • Common Mind Traps and learning to Unhook
  5. What on Earth is Acceptance and Commitment Training
    • Learn the impact of our experiential avoidance
    • Get comfortable with discomfort
    • Lets talk about values and discomfort

Contact us to explore how we can assist you or your teams to accelerate your growth and inject further momentum to the achievement of your goals. We are based in Melbourne but deliver workshops, coaching and peak performance seminars all around Victoria.

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