Wellbeing Project

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Mindful Edge – The Wellbeing Project

The Wellbeing Project delivers a cutting edge, evidence-based and practical approach to managing and developing healthy, committed and productive people. This unique program uses powerful psychological tools to make positive changes to reduce stress, self doubt, poor decision making, loss of focus, lack of direction and anxiety. These scientifically researched techniques can lead to increased happiness and resilience, build a sense of gratitude in life, help learn to be in the moment, make appropriate decisions, increase focus and value lead sense of purpose. Furthermore, the program helps build a sense of connection, empathy, communication and compassion.

There are a lot of resilience and wellbeing programs out there receiving a great deal of attention. However, many are simply teaching what resilience and mental health are rather then teaching actual skills. Some of these projects are not run or developed by people with any qualifications, training or experience in either mental health or psychology! The Mindful Edge is the only program based on proven scientific research and is developed and delivered by a registered and qualified psychologist who has had over 15 years of clinical experience.

The Wellbeing Project aims to help businesses, sporting organisations and schools to:

  • Become more mindful
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve awareness and productivity
  • Enhance personal wellbeing
  • Act more consistently with value
  • Communicate more effectively without conflict

Our 5 Practical and Easy Steps to Improving Wellbeing and Performance

  1. Connection between Wellbeing and Performance
    • Definition of wellbeing and its formula
    • How it impacts on performance
    • Happiness Myths
  2. Neuroscience for Dummies
    • Beginners guide to understanding the brain and neuoplasticity
    • Our Flight or Flight Response
    • Evolution of Negativity Bias
  3. Mastering Mindfulness
    • Learn easy and practical applications for everyday use
    • Develop a deeper understanding of being present and acceptance
    • Understand how being more mindful can impact our brain
  4. Thinking about Thinking
    • Understanding “Meta Cognition”
    • Learn the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviours and our core belief systems
    • Common Mind Traps and learning to Unhook
  5. What on Earth is Acceptance and Commitment Training
    • Learn the impact of our experiential avoidance
    • Get comfortable with discomfort
    • Lets talk about values and discomfort

The Wellbeing Project has been delivered to PwC, Gilbert+Tobin, Nicholes Family Lawyers, and Melbourne Osteopathy to name a few.


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