Are You Looking to Improve Your Performance and Wellbeing?

Performance Edge Psychology offers individual face to face and online consultations as well as delivering high quality, evidence based programs and workshops to athletes, sporting organisations and corporate trainings on high performance and wellbeing. Our mission is to help people improve their health and performance in all domains of life, be it at work, sport or well… just about anything!

Our clinic is a wellbeing, mental health and performance psychology clinic located in North Balwyn, Melbourne with a team of experienced psychologists who are passionate about the work they do and assisting people to live a healthy and meaningful life. We work with people face to face or online presenting with a range of issues including all areas of mental health, high performance and high pressure issues, stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and trauma. Our psychologists are experienced in working with people from all walks of life and athletes at all levels of their sporting careers.  Furthermore we work with junior athletes to elite level/professional athletes.

Our psychologists are passionate about working with individuals to improve outcomes, wellbeing and performance. We particularly pride ourselves on being down to earth professionals who prioritise the connection we make with our clients.  We understand

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