Are You Looking to Improve Your Performance and Wellbeing?

Performance Edge Psychology – is a psychology clinic offering individual counselling as well as delivering high quality, evidence based programs and workshops to athletes, sporting organisations and corporate trainings on high performance and wellbeing.

Individual Counselling and Coaching

Performance Edge Psychology works with people presenting with a range of issues including athletes (from local to Olympic/international level), people in high performance roles and high pressure, stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and trauma.

Our psychologists are passionate about working with individuals to improve outcomes and performance.

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Founded by Caroline Anderson in 2015, our training programs brings together the elements of elite performance and cutting edge scientific research.

Caroline is a confident and engaging presenter and delivers seminars and workshops for corporate, school and sport organisations.  She provides a unique personal and professional insight into the science of wellbeing and performance, covering topics including mindfulness,  resilience,  mental health, peak performance, wellbeing, and emotional intelligence.

Our corporate/athlete programs assists with ways to reduce stress and worry, manage thoughts and feeling effectively, and improve wellbeing and performance. These techniques can lead to increased wellbeing and resilience, build a sense of gratitude in life, help learn to be in the moment and increase focus and fulfilment.  We only deliver content using research from the world’s leading scientists, researchers and psychologists.  Whether it’s in the world of business or the world of sport, our expertise is in helping you take that next step in your performance development.


“Caroline presented in the Melbourne and Sydney office on wellbeing and performance and the feedback we received was consistently excellent. Our people believed that Caroline “knew her stuff” and that the sessions were relevant and engaging. Caroline had taken considerable time to contextualise the materials and have activities that were fun and relatable. She was also able to provide our people with practical tips and tricks that they could apply post the sessions.” Anu Briggs (Head of Learning and Development – Gilbert + Tobin Law)


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